Sunday, July 6, 2014

St MIchael

Hail St. Michael!
Soldier and servant of the Most High,
Bestow upon me your radiance and brilliance that it may burn away my weakness and inadequacies,
Help me to actualize my goals and realize my potential and purpose to it's fullest, 
Lend to me your fiery sword so that I may sever restrictions from my life so that I may grow and prosper, 
Surround me in your strength and power so that it may act as a fiery wall to both protect me and temper me like steel in a furnace, 
Forever be at my side and offer your guidance and wisdom.

Hail St. Michael!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Jupiter Altar Update

I've been putting my Jupiter altar to work since it's creation and have been noticing some very nice results.

I petitioned Jupiter to increase the activity of my business with the goal to double or at least substantially increase my revenue.

I was not close to my usual monthly goal before I made the altar this month, in fact sales had been a bit slow. After the creation of the altar and beginning the work I not only made my sales goal for the month but nearly made an extra $100 ($98 to be exact). Not bad for a 9 day span of time!
Not as sexy as Benjamin's but give me time...

I worked with the Saturn of Jupiter energy to restrict costs and expenses as well as help provide discipline and longevity for my goals.

I had to take my dog to the vet, the vet checked her out shook my hand and said "No charge". I was a taken back a bit and quickly got out of there before he changed his mind. The dog is fine too. That certainly saved me a bit of money as a vet bill can be quite expensive.

I also received news in the mail that a credit line I had has been closed due to inactivity (Funny how they never close them while I owe them money...)

I also had a very welcome surprise of a friend gifting me some nicely done banners for my store, something I'd have had to pay for if I'd gotten them from somewhere else.

Thanks Eva!

So the restrictive and binding aspects have definitely come into play to not only save money but also prevent additional spending.

My normal methods of use so far are as follows.

Make offerings to Jupiter on the central seal on the table consisting of a shot of whiskey that I take a small sip of and toast to Jupiter along with a mix of Jupiter and Prosperity incense and a blue candle dressed in Jupiter oil. I then recite the planetary call of Jupiter and give thanks for all that I have and all that will come to me in the future.

I then dress a blue candle with Prosperity oil and place it on the Money Drawing glyph and use a series of calls. Mercury of Jupiter for communication to spread the word of my business, swiftness for drawing clients and money in general. Venus of Mercury to make myself more attractive to potential clients and cause repeat business, Mars of Jupiter to keep me motivated to continue the work as well as keep me moving quickly to reply and handle client orders as fast as possible.

I then take an additional candle dressed in Money Stay With Me oil and place it on the Hold Money glyph and use the call of Saturn  of Jupiter to restrict and bind expenses as well as give me the necessary discipline to resist all those pretty shiny things I want.

After the calls are recited and the petitions are stated I place the candles in a triangle pattern and allow them to burn down.

I did a working using linked sigils to help someone get a bank loan as soon as results or lack there of are evident I will post details of the working and results.

Until next time

Hail Jupiter!