Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Linking a Sigil to an Area or Person

As promised I'm sharing the method I use to link a sigil of intention to a place for the purposes of influencing it's inhabitants. I first came across this idea while browsing through one of the more popular occult forums where someone was asking how they could go about achieving a goal like this. I immediately thought about the use of dirt from various locations and other sympathetic links used in Conjure practices and decided to take this idea and run with it.

I first performed a series of these spells to see exactly what I could do with this and if it would even work as I hoped. My first spell was to help my fiancé to find a job, as the economy and job market are in less than stellar conditions finding a job had been quite the undertaking for my lovely lady. She was putting in between 15-25 applications a month, sending out resumes everywhere she could think of only to be rewarded with jobs she was either completely unqualified for or just absurd (at one point she was offered a job as a mall Easter Bunny). I had her pick three of the jobs from the dozens she had applied to perform this spell on. I then went about getting the required links to perform the spell. Be discreet if you can as at one location I was asked what I was doing while gathering dirt from the corner of the building. I told them in my most professional tone I was there for a soil sample and quickly departed before they came to the conclusion that you don't collect soil samples in empty Tic-Tac boxes.

Once I was home and all my links collected I put them into a small bowl and added paint and mixed it thoroughly. I then painted onto a small canvas a sigil for the intention I had chosen, in this case for my lady to be favored over the competition this large painting of the sigil was to become what I called the "Master Sigil". Once the sigil was created I took a sheet of small circular mailing labels and added the same sigil to each of them these were to be the "Slave Sigils". I activated the sigils and left them to charge for a few days under a dressed candle said affirmative prayers over them until the candle was gone. I then left the Master Sigil upon my altar while I took the Slave Sigils out to do the work they were intended for. I returned to each of the sites my fiancé was seeking employment and placed them in various inconspicuous areas. Under counters, shelves, behind door handles etc. I worked these sigils in a web for lack of a better term closer and closer to where the administration would come in contact with them or at the least be near them.

 After doing this my fiancé was contacted by two of the three jobs that were targeted by the sigils. I had her place one of the sigils in each of her shoes before departing for her interviews and stuck two on the back of her cell phone so that once in the room she was to be interviewed she could stick them under the hiring managers desk or at least her own chair if that was all that was available. Within days of the interviews she was called back by both employers and my lady had the luxury of deciding whom she wanted to work for.

I have performed this spell several times now and it has always been successful and sometimes too successful so be careful how you formulate your statement.

I most recently did this spell for someone else and decided to incorporate my Jupiter altar into the mix as this person's request seemed a bit tougher than the normal influencing I use these for. This person had recently been through a divorce which left her credit in ruin and her finances in less than a desirable state. She needed a loan to be approved in order to keep the house she had been granted in the divorce and banks are not at all in a hurry to lend hundreds of thousands of dollars out at the moment. I had her collect dirt from each of the banks she had applied for a loan from, in addition I asked for her to get me the business cards of each of the loan officers she would be working with. I took the business cards and burned them to ash and mixed them thoroughly into the dirt I'd be using for the spell. I added a few drops of prosperity oil, road opener and compelling oil to the mixture as well to help filter or tighten the intention of the spell. I added the paint to the mixture and performed the steps described earlier in the creation of the Master and Slave sigils. Once this was complete I placed them in the center of my Jupiter Altar and placed a candle on the sigils from Financial Sorcery that I felt would be most beneficial for this spell. Draw Money, Sweeten Relationships, Defeat Competition were the sigils used, I then used the planetary calls of Jupiter, Venus of Jupiter, Mercury of Jupiter and Mars of Jupiter along with a few offerings to Jupiter to motivate him to lend his assistance. I had chose these calls as communication, favor and just enough twisting of the arm were what I felt were needed to help this person achieve their goal. Once the sigils were charged I shipped everything to her so that she could plant them as I instructed her around and inside the banks she applied to.

In my last correspondence with her she informed that despite the bad credit score and other disadvantages she faced in getting the loan she had been accepted by the first bank she had applied to.

If one were so inclined there are many uses for a spell of this nature, I personally have used this to lighten tensions on my job as well as win favor when evaluations and raises were approaching, as well as remove unwanted people from places in a gentler fashion than say a hot foot or causing an accident.

If anyone cares to try this please feel free to comment and let me know how it worked out for them, the Jupiter altar is not necessary for this to work as I have only used it once which was for the above mentioned spell. If one were to use a little creativity they could apply this in several different manners. Water form a wishing well or fountain mixed with water color paint to increase generosity or for people to be more apt to spend, dirt or dust from an office or coworkers cubicle is just as handy in this situation as dirt from the corners of a building. Use your imagination and see what happens.

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Jupiter Altar Update Part 2

So I've had quite a bit of success with my Jupiter altar this past month. As I said in when I first announced this endeavour I mentioned that my goal was to double or at least substantially increase my monthly revenue from my store for each month.

I have been doing weekly work each Thursday using the draw money, steady work and viral marketing glyphs in conjunction with certain Jupiter calls namely Mercury, Venus, Sol and Jupiter of Jupiter. I include offerings of whiskey and incense to help sweeten up Jupiter and receive his blessings.

In the first 10 days of the month I hit my monthly target ($200) and within 20 days I was $137 over my monthly target and by the end of the month I had tripled my monthly income. In addition to tripling my monthly income, I received two offers to have my business promoted by outside sources.

As for the spell I performed on my altar to help someone receive a home loan they were accepted despite having bad credit and other issues that could have prevented having their loan approved. I'll be sharing the spell on my blog in the future for those who would like to try it themselves.

Jupiter has definitely came through but also given much to think about. Growth and expansion are great but they definitely have consequences. As prosperity grows so does the stress and concerns that come with managing it and time seems to be the only thing that does not seem to grow. While I'm honestly grateful for all the recent prosperity I'm even more thankful for the insights provided that allowed me to see the reality of what I've been working to achieve.

Until next time