Thursday, March 20, 2014

Band-Aid Magic

I love magic... almost to an unhealthy level. I love to perform magic, make magical items and do some kind of occult activity daily. Having said that it makes sense that I watch anything related to real magic, read books on magic ( soooo many books ) listen to multiple radio shows/podcast of magical practitioners, and participate on a couple of occult forums. I see something becoming more and more prevalent or maybe it's just becoming more and more obvious to me. I've begun calling it Band-Aid magic.

That's right Bandages brand bandages, we're not getting sued

Band-Aid magic is magic where one simply wants to put the minimal amount of effort into correcting a mistake that long term work would serve to eliminate from occurring in most cases. It's a constant occurrence in the occult community. Someone has a problem, they need it fixed like yesterday and they're in a hurry for that miracle spell or ritual that will put all back right with the world. The problem is that once some dialogue occurs it's obvious that what started as "My girlfriend broke up with me and I want her back" quickly evolves to "My girlfriend left me because I was sleeping with her best friend, what's a good spell, demon, hypno-ray gun that will make her take me back?". There is no interest in making any positive change, only slapping a bandage on it so that their immediate and short term goals are met.

Work on myself? I don't think so!

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for doing what has to be done when in a pinch. The thing is you should learn from these experiences and work to prevent them from occurring again. If your significant other has tossed your butt on the streets for the third time this year and it's only March perhaps a reconciliation spell isn't the best option. If your looking for a spell to convince the judge those were Flintstones vitamins you were peddling perhaps a moment to reflect on your life choices would be prudent...Nah, I didn't think so either. I mean what's the worst that could happen right?

Now is really not the time to say "I told you so..."

When one learns that they can use the gifts of magic and occult practices as a lifestyle and preventative measure and not some over the counter remedy the better off they'll be. When one learns that their choices are dictated by their actions and not the other way around they'll be just a bit closer to living the life they imagined. But until that time keep your phasers set to stun and your face-palm at the ready.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello and welcome all.

Since this is my first blog post I thought I'd clarify a few things. The mission of this blog is for me to further merge my spiritual and mundane life together as well as share my insights, ramblings and observations.

I used to be the type of person that kept his practice quite the secret and believed this to be the best and safest method. I grew up in a home with at mother who practiced and a father who was deep into divination and astral projection. Sounds great right? In retrospect yes. But I also saw the negatives and their impact on my family and our lives. My mother was the type who was proud of her spiritual beliefs and practices and did not hesitate to talk about it or express it in other manners. Living in the Bible Belt I witnessed a lot of persecution and discrimination because of this. So in a manner of speaking I learned what not to do. When I progressed from the dabbling stage to actually practicing on a regular basis I decided to keep my practices and beliefs to myself, to live a double life.

For years that double life served me well. In the mundane I was a regular Joe, working my 9-5 and living the average life. On the other side I was doing ritual to both increase my material and mundane life as well. Being a creator of sorts, molding reality if you will to see my desires and needs manifest in strange and interesting ways. A funny thing began happening the more magick I performed the more both my spiritual and mundane lives merged together. This was thrilling as well as scary, I saw new insights and found  a type synchronicity I never thought possible. The more this went on the more I realized this double life was not all it was cracked up to be. By denying my practices and beliefs I was in essence denying myself. I was living a lie no matter how I tried to sugar coat it and spin it to keep my fragile ego in check.

I'm more of a jeans and t-shirt guy...

 I don't mean I immediately donned robes and and began to walk the street as a sorcerer, I'll leave that to the role players and Cos play fans. What I mean is I no longer denied myself the presence of my spiritual work in my life. I've been slowly but steadily pushing my practices more and more to the forefront, opening my store and being open and public to my friends and less accepting family was both liberating and frightening. How would they react? What would they say? In the end I realized it wouldn't matter regardless. This is my life and my world to create around myself and ultimately I'm responsible for how it goes. I encourage everyone out there to do the same when the time is right, you'll know when that is. Trust me.

So with that being said, welcome and thanks for checking out my blog. I'll do my best to keep this blog up to date and share more with everyone.