Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Well...I'm Back

Sorry for the long hiatus, I took a step back for a while and had to wrap my head around a few things that made me question what it is I really wanted to do.

 Seeing people who tout themselves as enlightened and evolved mages battling like school kids and practicing a playground mentality ganging up on the unpopular kids or the one's who are different from them, seeing so-called ethical and honest readers and casters throw mud at one another in an attempt to make themselves seem more legitimate instead of relying on the quality of their own work to make those points for them. Dealing with the fact that for many out there the occult is and always was just another business and opportunity to make a buck. This kind of stuff made me really question what it is I want to do and just how prepared I was to deal with the same behavior I saw others exhibit, I had to ask myself was I prepared to have the same kind of drama and childish tactics thrown at me as well.

I guess what I'm saying is I had to come to the quite obvious conclusion that these people are exactly that...people. One's practices do not make up the sum of their entire being. They have quirks, nuances and personality issues just like the rest of us. I had to come to terms with the fact that these public personas are little more than egregores, either created by the person or the expectations others have put on them.

Now to the more fun stuff that everybody actually would want to read about. This year I've decided to take my own practice into a different direction.  I have begun recently working with Santisima Muerte who has been making her presence quite hard to ignore. I will be also working more in the necromantic realms strengthening my relationship with spirits of the earth and nature. So hopefully I'll have some good stuff to share with everybody.

So until next time.

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