Monday, April 27, 2015

The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection of Magic

The topic of Uncrossing has been coming up a lot recently, be it from clients, peers or just those that are curious. I thought that this would be a great example to illustrate the point that magic is more than just spiritual work and requires the work of the total self; the mind, body and spirit. This applies to all magic but for the purpose of this post I will be using uncrossing as the example. These three aspects are not exclusive but intermingle with one another and affect each other in subtle ways. As these subtle interactions are so numerous I will just show a basic outline so that you get the idea and then get to how all this ties into the topic of Uncrossing.

The Mind:
This is often a hot button issue when brought up in magical discussion but I firmly believe that all magic begins in the mind. The ability to focus, to quiet the mind, to assert one's will are all seen as being essential to effective magic and sorcery. When one decides to take action it begins here, one must take the time to evaluate what it is they want to achieve as well as the milestones that will need to be achieved to accomplish their goals, there needs to be a clear and defined belief in what they are doing and the results that can and will be achieved. One can not achieve effective magic if they do not believe they are truly causing a change to themselves or their environment. Things like affirmative thought, daily affirmations and mental focus are all techniques on a purely mental level that help to  reinforce the concept that one is successfully performing magic.

The Body:
The physical actions we take can have a dramatic effect upon the magic we do, more so than many would give credit for. When one takes it upon themselves to perform an act of magic they often must take the physical steps to walk through the doors that were opened by spirit to achieve the purpose of the magical operation. One will not likely land a job if they do not apply and send in resume's, nor are they likely to find their dream lover sitting on the couch playing COD instead of going out or working the online dating approach. More so the physical acts that one does in ritual also has an affect on the magic being performed. The physical postures, mudras, or motions and activities taken in a ritual while physical have an effect on both the mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves, be it to subconsciously implant ideas or affirmations ( much like the act of washing downward to remove negativity in spiritual bathing) or energetically (mudras or breathing exercises may open up energetic channels to help one raise or release energy for the purpose of the ritual).

The Spirit:
The Spiritual is often the first thing people tend to gravitate to when doing magic, "What spirit should I use?", "What ingredients or implements do I need?" are usually the first questions asked before even having a plan of action to achieve their goal. The spiritual forces we employ in magic even if it not an external spirit but our own needs to be supported by the other two factors of mind and body. The spiritual tends to manifest itself by the path of least resistance so one must be prepared to open avenues for the spirit to work and have the clarity to know when to take advantage of the situation. The spiritual ingredients such as herbs, soil, and personal concerns all play a spiritual or energetic role to help filter our intentions to best handle the goal we have set out to undertake.

Now that's out of the way let's get to how all of this ties into Uncrossing.

When one decides to undertake an Uncrossing they must first evaluate not only what physical circumstances have brought them to their current situation but also what mental and emotional issues have helped the situation deteriorate. All the ritual and cleansing baths in the world will not remove a situation one is not willing to leave, you can not effectively cleanse yourself when living in the dirt. Physical changes being made, consciously choosing not to engage in self-destructive behavior along with spiritual reinforcement has been the most effective method I have found when doing work to uncross someone. The mental actions of daily prayers, affirmations as well as making behavioral changes all work together to reinforce the idea that a change is being made and the work is having an effect. The physical actions we do to create a new change not only serve to allow new avenues for success but they ingrain themselves in the mind further reinforcing the idea that new and positive things are coming. I often advise clients to do something to change their environment and appearance when doing uncrossing work, rearranging furniture, a new ward robe or haircut can have a powerful impact that should not be overlooked. The spiritual forces we employ have an etheric or energetic quality to them that causes subtle changes that are maximized when these other steps are taken fully and with commitment.

I do not want anyone to think that I am underselling the value of spiritual work and the effects it has on not only our material lives but our spiritual as well but it has become quite common that people choose to either go one way or the other when a combined approach is far more advantageous.

Here are a few things you may like to try yourself if you feel that you may be under crossed conditions.

Cleansing bath:
1/4 cup of Epsom salt- Draws out unwanted influences
1/4 sea salt-Used for it's protective qualities
2 tablespoons of lavender-For it's soothing and relaxing qualities.
2 tablespoons of rue or agrimony- Used for it's protective and reversing qualities.

Brew the herbs in two cups of water to make a tea, as you add each ingredient be sure to state the purpose of the ingredient as you add it to the water asking for the assistance of the spirit inside the plant and let it simmer but not boil. As this is brewing run your bathwater and add the Epsom and sea salt and make sure it has fully dissolved again asking for the assistance of the materials being used to help cleanse and remove negativity from your life. Return to your tea and remove it from the heat, you may strain the herbs out or leave them in the tea if you prefer. This tea is not for internal use but to be added to the bath water only. Once the tea has been added to the bath and mixed well into the water step into the tub and using a cup pour the bath water over you while standing. If there are prayers or psalms you wish to recite or the favor of a particular spirit or deity now is the time to call for it's assistance in removing these unwanted influences.

A simple prayer such as this would suffice:
(Spirit/Deity name), I, (Your full name) call upon your assistance to remove these negative and unwanted influences from me, I ask for your aid so that I may be renewed and refreshed, so that prosperity and abundance may flow into my life.

Save one cup of the bathwater after you have finished with the bath, when you step out of the bath you should put on fresh clean clothes, preferably white but any bright vibrant color will do in a pinch. Take the left over cup of water and pour into your toilet bowl and flush it down stating that you cast this negativity out of your life and by the power of whatever deity/spirit you asked for assistance from that prosperity and joy will be yours.

You may also be interested in my Uncrossing oil, available at , this may be used to dress candles or anoint the body to help remove the unwanted energies and influences from your life.

If you think that you may need a more long term solution for uncrossing I would suggest considering Brother Moloch's excellent ritual for uncrossing.

Until next time

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